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Descend into the Rusty Lake Underground and travel through the life and memories of Laura Vanderboom!

Travel from station to station, each metro stop symbolising a piece of Laura's past and future. Solve various puzzles, find the correct metro to board and uncover one of Laura鈥檚 timelines, while simultaneously helping her make sense of her life and escape the corruption of her mind!

Underground Blossom is a new point-and-click adventure developed by the creators of the Cube Escape & Rusty Lake series.

A new experience in a familiar setting

Enjoy a classic Rusty Lake point-and-click puzzle adventure with a gripping story full of mysteries and, of course, puzzles.

Expect to make several stops

Travel to 7 unique metro stations, each station a representation of Laura Vanderboom鈥檚 life, memories and potential future. The estimated travel time is 2 hours.

You know what to do

Unravel the potential secrets hidden in each metro station, earn achievements and who knows what else you might stumble upon!

Don鈥檛 forget your headphones

At each metro stop you will be greeted by an atmospheric soundtrack by Victor Butzelaar, including a cellist performance!

Get your ticket now!

A demo is also available!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(79 total ratings)
AuthorRusty Lake
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
TagsEscape Game, escape-room, Point & Click, room-escape, rusty-lake


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Underground-Blossom-Windows-v1.1.9.zip 137 MB
Underground-Blossom-Mac-v1.1.9.zip 147 MB

Also available on

Download demo

UB_windows_demo.zip 38 MB
UB_mac_demo.zip 39 MB

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"the lake belongs to me now" as a 6-year fan, I am literally 馃槩

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I downloaded the Mac version by mistake. Can I get the PC version without paying again?

very good game, i love it

Just finished the game and its amazing! I love the odd surrealist feel to the entire game.

I can proudly say that my channel is the Italian channel with most Rusty Lake Series gameplays on YT Italy. This is my video about Undeground Blossom. I loved it!


Another game made by the creators of Rusty Lake and Cube Escape?? Oh yes!!!! I love these! Never stop making them, please


Android version pleaseeeeee? c:


Android version will go live here :)

Yay thanks! :D

Always been waiting for more of your games!

I always liked this series of games,art style is really cool,but i never managed to solve puzzles on my own,maybe only one,i guess im too stupid for such puzzles,but i still like these games,story and art style is amazing


The key is patience. Also, you may find taking notes about what information or interactable object exist for each scene and try to connect them, useful:)

Thanks for advice,when i will try to finish Cube Escape next time,i will take this into account


there's nothing wrong with needing walkthroughs/etc! As long as it's not detracting from your fun ;u; Most Rusty Lake puzzles align with the way my brain works, but I run into ones that I just cannot for the life of me figure out, so having a good walkthrough on hand is a life saver

I always trying to solve puzzles on my own,but i'm watching walkthroughs when i'm completely stuck,i like series of Rusty Lake,but for some reasons,puzzles there is absolutely insurmountable for me


Bu oyun ger莽ekten harika!

This game is really perfect!


i love escape games. rusty lake is good 

Looking forward to the Full version

Great Demo!!

German Gameplay on my Channel :D

Thank you for the game still didnt like the child

This demo gave me what I expected. I am so excited for the full version of the game. Thank you Rusty Lake!

I really love your games!I remembered it when I was young, I bought all your games on my smart phone, and checked all articles on the computer. Now, I found this demo and thinking about purchasing all games again on the computer, Haha! Thank you for great games everytimeXD I followed you, Rusty lake team!

Runsty lake nunca decepciona, incr铆ve! J谩 estou ansioso pro jogo completo.

do you need to know the context of the Rusty Lake games to play this?  i plan on playing Rusty Lake at some point and don't want to spoil anything

it is better to know some context surrounding the Rusty Lake world, it sure makes your experience a lil more exciting! if u want to try this game first i think its gonna be a little confusing but overall, its fine



As a geat fan of Rusty lake, I cannot wait to play the full version and see the past and memories of Laura


It seems like a great game I played the first puzzle and love it besides I really like the musics as well. In addition my video is Turkish you probably won't understand. 


It's amzing!Laura is soooooo cute!!!And Rose is a so charming lady that with red hair~~~

Its Incredible

Gamepad support?

What鈥檚 the piano sound track in the game? It鈥檚 beautiful!

It's from Victor Butzelaar, he will release the full album on Spotify once the game is released :)

Wow, thank you!

As happy as I am with the news, I'm not downloading this.  I will patiently wait for the full version.
Take your time and give us another superb experience!

Wonderful as always. Will you also publish an iPadOS version?

Yes :)

Baby Laura is so adorable, love her


Awesome as always! Here's my review of the demo! https://indiegames2.wordpress.com/2023/05/25/rusty-lake-underground-blossom/

The puzzles and the art are great! Amazing game and I just loved it!

Too bad can't claim it. Don't have access to a pc now so I can't download it

It's a great game, I like it. Hope it can be released earlier.

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I really liked the atmosphere created by the art style and music. The difficulty level was just right, but I had a great sense of accomplishment when I figured it out, and it was a lot of fun to play! I look forward to the finished version! And I'm really interested in the pocket watch with the Sanskrit inscription! 



well this was unexpected but very welcome 

Rusty lake, finally馃槶馃槶


Hi I can write music for your future games and personalized soundtracks!

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