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Samsara Room

You find yourself in a strange room. There is a telephone, a mirror, a grandfather clock and some other odd objects you don’t recognise. It seems there is only one way to escape… become enlightened.

Samsara Room is a new atmospheric point-and-click adventure by the creators of Rusty Lake and Cube Escape series. This praised predecessor to the Rusty Lake universe is completely re-assembled with brand new puzzles, story, graphics and an immersive soundtrack by Victor Butzelaar.

Celebrate our five year anniversary with us, download and play free now!

We will unfold the mysteries of Rusty Lake one step at a time, follow us @rustylakecom.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(191 total ratings)
AuthorRusty Lake
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
TagsAtmospheric, Escape Game, Point & Click
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I love the style and the color palette of the game

No sé si es porque ya había jugado otras versiones antes, pero este no me pareció tan difícil. Muy bonita la historia, como siempre.

there is supposed to be an H after SAMSARA

Nunca tive tanta satisfação em tirar um tempo pra jogar algo novo como tive jogando Samsara Room. O desenrolar dos atos junto com uma ambientação própria, além dos puzzles bem elaborados, trazem uma sensação de desafio mas ao mesmo tempo de paz.


ngl i played this game on mobile emulator t-t took me so long to finish! but it was challenging! 

What an entertaining game! The puzzles were challenging but not to the point of desperation. It took me two hours to finish it, but it was time well spent, I only got stuck a bit with the three little birds. The music helped me focus and the art is really pretty. Thank you!

I solved the bookshelf puzzle but the book didn't become shaky and didn't fall. is this a bug?

Very fun and challenging. Loved the little connections to your other games.


anyone by chance know about how long this game is?

this is so puzzle game and fun

Fun, but a little too esoteric for me... Thanks anyway for the experience !

It was kind of hard and esoteric but that's the whole point its a hard puzzle adventure game the whole point is for it to be hard to play its a puzzle lol


Bit of a weird comment but would you be interested in adding Arabic as an extra language?
If so please let me know as I would love to help

Шикарная игра, обязательно к прохождению

Perfect game. Must have for everywone to play

2 Часть


2nd part

3 я часть


3-rd part


Have you ever loved a free game so much that you actually went back and bought it?  Mmmmaybe give this one a try.  Definitely worth the 5 bucks for an afternoon.  I love the mensa-level puzzle at the end with the hooks.  completely unique and original puzzling.

I loved this! The puzzles were so good, very well done.

i played the game and it was really fun and i liked the puzzles. it would mean alot if you could check out my channel and help share it with others and help by subscribing 

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Thank you so much for great game! I uploaded my play-through in Japanese! とても深い良質なゲーム!ありがとうございました。

I absolutely loved it. The art and the music are beautiful, and the puzzles are hard but not impossible, which makes the game really entertaining. It worked perfectly fine, and I had a good time playing it. It's the first time I play one of your games, but I'm definetly going to play others. Amazing work!

This game was AWESOME. Can't wait for more in the future. Puzzles were hard in this one but I like it, it was challenging. The music was absolutely beautiful and peaceful, I could fall asleep to it. I have no bugs to report so hell yeah. Keep up the great work, you are one of the few developers that still make good quality games instead of becoming greedy and making trash.

Thumbs up for you :) 

This game is pretty tricky but it was fun!


This was such an interesting two hour game. Thank you so much for it! Looking forward to your future plans

I got the Gecko triangle key by guessing, because I couldn't find the clue

It was hard but it was a fun experience. i had a  hard time figuring things out especially in the book level. (i dunno maybe i'm just dumb lol.) i'm not really into puzzle games/ escape the room but i am happy that i played this game! I'm going to play it more and i'm looking forward to your future works!


Thank you for creating us such a wonderful game. I was going through some difficult days but this game gave me a very relaxing 2 hours of gameplay yesterday. It wasn't a lot but I hope my donation would help you guys develop more amazing games. Sorry for such a poor introduction of Rusy Lake, but I made one to share how wonderful the game was. Thanks again, folks. Stay safe everyone.

i thought the white door was the only cube escape game we were going to get,

i thought wrong 

Amazing game! Liked the Buddhist themes. Whole game was very pretty too.

Loved the game!! I haven't played any of your games yet but after playing Samsara Room, I am definitely gonna check all the other games you guys made. 

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The game that began the whole rusty lake saga. You deserve all my congratulations for your unique series. Keep up with your great work and i can't wait for your new games

how do you even play it?

I love it


That wallpaper reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen, and I don't even know what her kitchen looked like.


This game is beautifully made, love this! Also, happy anniversary to you guys! :)


Finished and sent a few dollars already. My brain ended up a bit melted, though. Now... what do you mean about a secret? I... guess I have to go back...

Great game in Cube Escape style!

Happy Anniversary guys, and thanks for the treat!

Great game, to bad i'm terrible at puzzles.


It was great to see this remade! Enjoyed the original way back, and had a blast with this remake. The general feel and premise is the same, but the puzzles are all swapped up. Only got stuck a couple times, and every time it was because I had failed to investigate something closer.

This is so delicious! The puzzles are just right but at times difficult. It's always a treat to play these games. At the end, all I can say is... again?! lol... Seems like they are big on re-incarnation using alchemy. The puzzles are different from the old version though. Inside the game they also have a help video if you got stuck... I suck at these puzzle games so it took me a long time lol 


wtf is this comment section



Wow, sad to see that stuff. Feel free to email us next time you see it.


amazing! another awesome Rusty Lake game in pure cube style - i missed this soooo much! the puzzles are tough enough to make it worth playing, but no need for a WT, just patience & logic & creativity. also long enough to make it interesting but not too long to get tired. loved the theme, the passages to the different parts, the parts themselves… the great music… everything. happy anniversary Rusty Lake, and thanks for this game so extremely well done! i had lotsa fun playing this. the past is never dead and this particular cube/roots universe shall never pass!

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