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You're invited to the Rusty Lake Hotel!

Welcome our guests to the Rusty Lake Hotel and make sure they will have a pleasant stay. There will be 5 dinners this week. Make sure every dinner is worth dying for.

Rusty Lake Hotel is a mysterious point and click game developed by the creators of the Cube Escape series.


  • Pick-up-and-play: easy to start, but it will be hard to put down
  • Tons of puzzles: a total of 6 rooms full of unique and various brain teasers
  • Thrilling and engaging story: there will be 5 dinners with intriguing guests and staff
  • Full of suspense and atmosphere: Rusty Lake Hotel is a surreal place, where anything can happen…
  • Impressive soundtrack: every room has its own designed theme song
  • Achievements: an all-time gallery you never seen before

Tap on the arrows to navigate inside the rooms and lobby.
Interact with guests, staff and objects by tapping.
Select found items in your inventory and tap somewhere on screen to use them.

Keep in mind that you need to have a flash player installed to run te game. For MAC there is a little tweak needed in your Gatekeeper settings, we attached instructions. Please send us an email if you have question or if any bug/issue occurs. We will try to find a solution as soon as possible. We want to keep everyone happy, especially now that it is our first paid game.

We will unfold the Rusty Lake story one step at a time. So check RustyLake.com every day for new content and follow us on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rustylakecom
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rustylakecom
or subscribe to our mailing list: http://eepurl.com/bhphw1


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

RustyLakeHotel_mac1.1.zip 34 MB
RustyLakeHotel_win1.1.zip 26 MB

Also available on


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Absolutely love what you guys have come up with. Almost done working my way through the newest edition to Rusty Lake Games!!


Hi, I am a windows user. Nothing comes up after clicking 'continue'. What's wrong? 


Hi Please contact us at support@rustylake.com


Hi, I am a Mac user and I just downloaded and bought Rusty Lake Hotel. However I am unable to play it as it comes up with the 'file is damaged and should be moved to trash' message. I have already disabled gatekeeper settings but it still will not work. I was wondering if there is a terminal command or anything I could use to fix this. My Mac version is macOS Catalina. Im looking forward to playing the game.


Hi Please contact us at info@rustylake.com so we can provide a fix for you.

Decided to check this out seeing  friend play the Cube Escape series and I'm not disappointed- it's a great game with challenging puzzles and a story that is just right on the creepiness scale. I'm definitely going to have to check out the others~

Though it's a little resource-intensive, the Windows version runs on Linux via Wine. I have it running, complete with sound, on Ubuntu. Just a heads-up for anyone who may have questions as to whether or not it will work on Linux. I figured I'd take the chance. Even if it didn't run, it was worth the $1.99 plus the extra $10 donation for the Rusty Lake games, without a shadow of a doubt.


Awesome to hear it works fine on Ubuntu :)
Thanks for the support and donation, means a lot!

Comments don't appear to yet be enabled for Roots, but it, too, works great via Wine on Linux (once again, tested on Ubuntu), and with no noticeable resource intensity except for (trying not to give anything away) the initial scene with Rose, with the object that needs to be dragged, when graphics are set to high quality. So in case anyone is reading through reviews on Rusty Lake's work and is interested in Roots, rest assured that it is another spectacular piece of work. In fact, so epic that I played it through twice, including all extra features, in as many days --- and good enough that I'll play through it again in the future, just like all previous installments.

Awesome!! Thanks for letting us know, I now have enabled the comments.

Great. I'll pop over there and post it, too. Also, itch.io only allowed me to tack on a $5 donation this time. Not sure if it was a glitch on their end or mine.

Where do i input the secret code i got after getting all of the stars?

You can use it in our next Cube Escape game at RustyLake.com

Ok, thank you!

Does this include a steam key?

Unfortunately no.

I would love to buy it, but I can't because my debit card won't work. It doesn't have an CVC so I don't know what to do

Is Paypal not an option?

No, I have the same problem there:(

Check if you have an international credit card.