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I've played through the whole series over a couple years on my phone and its the first real puzzle game I played and I love them.

Great game in a series of them !! An exciting mix of surreal puzzle solving and exciting logic chains that perfectly pace play. I feel like it's one of the best puzzle games for establishing and maintaining an internal logic that's just as entertaining to learn as it is to succeed at. I do have a small question: I purchased yesterday (itch says one day ago so that might count as longer) for $2.00 USD, and the page says that for paying over $1.49 USD I should have chapter two, but it isn't available in my downloads. Am I missing something?

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loved the game! I had never really gotten into the escape genre so this was a perfect Introduction that left me hungry for some more!

Yeah It's really good.

Oh yeah! tbh im lookng for some more haha


Really awesome game. I LOVE how you made realistic and cartoon world and made transitions between them. The puzzles are awesome, not too hard,  just about right to relax one's brain. 

Great game. Played all the Rusty Lake games, and I think this one was the best.

Very cool "escape room" type game series!! Some puzzles really had me stumped until I finally found the solutions ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

I have payed for chapter 2 but when I go into the game it tells me that I still need to pay for it. How do I resolve this?

Interesting game.


Absolutely cannot get over how amazing this is. Every game is breathtaking and the puzzles keep your mind wandering! Amazing game. Very unique and refreshing from all the other games I have played. Absolutely love the idea of the film and the game! 

Hey, just checking if there's anything going on with the Windows file? I tried launching and it just sticks there blinking rapidly on what I guess is the intro screen where Rusty Lake types out over the landscape. I can't get past that into the actual game. Reinstalling didn't help. Am I missing something?

Sorry to hear, sometimes an Antivirus program like Bitdefender can cause an issue like this. Let us know at

Okay, will give it a shot at another time. I don't have any antivirus software running when I try to launch, only my capture software, but I'll see if it could be something else. Thanks!


Absolutely brilliant, as usual! I've played all the Rusty Lake/Cube Escape games, and bought every premium game thus far. I'm fascinated with the saga of the Vanderboom and Eilander families. Truly excellent storyline and gameplay that keeps you thinking.

Thank you so much for your support :)

Hi Rusty Lake folks! 

with this, I finally played all Rusty Lake / Cube Escape games! Here the Italian gameplay with a SPECIAL MUSIC INTRO produced by me on Cube Escape Paradox!!! *there will be blood* xD

Hello! Must I say that this game was an absolute blast to play! I went into it expecting nothing but a mediocre indie game, But, I can safely say that my false judgements were pleasantly thrown back at me and crushed . . . I loved the game and would reccommend it to anyone who would like to play it! I am Looking forward to more in the future, and goodluck in your future projects!



Great, great, great game. So interesting and fun one of the best puzzle games I've ever played!

This game was awesome.  I have only played Chapter 1, but I plan on playing Chapter 2 and watching the short film very soon.  Great game, and keep up the good work guys.  I can't wait to see what happens next!  

the short film is so cool.
I would have got the game here, If only my debit card was supported by itch.
I will get it on google play.

I just checked, there are a lot of cube escape games published by rusty lake on google play, are these games related or standalone. if related where should I start?

Detalhes Yes, they are. I think the first one is Cube Escabe: Arles.. The one with Van Gogh. There are also 3 extra games, but they are paid ones (Rusty Lake Paradise, Rusty Lake Hotel and Rusty Lake Roots)


so what is the proper order to play them:

1) Cube Escape: Arles


You can start from "case 23". Then Paradox.

ok, thanks has the order by release.


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Episode one of full lets play and walk through! Subscribe to Strattisfaction!

A good challenge and it's cool that Chapter 1 is free. :)